Tips for prevention of Osteoporosis

Dr. S. Sriram

Its high time we love our bones.Our bones love calcium.Hence the habit of intake of high calcium in diet must start from childhood.Foods rich in calcium are easily available like eggs,milk,curd,cheese,almonds,fish,coconuts,soya,oranges and greens.

Tips for prevention of Osteoporosis
Vitamin D
Vitamin D is considered now to be more of a hormone than just a vitamin.It plays a major role in maintaining good bone health.Even a diet rich in calcium becomes useless if our body does not have adequate vitamin D.One and only source of vitamin D that is available in plenty all around us is the sunlight.On exposure to sunlight human skin synthesies vitamin D which is vital for bone health.So daily exposure to sunrays for atleast 20-30 minutes must become a routine habit for all who want their bones to be strong.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Restrict coffee or tea to a maximum of two small cups a day ,as excess intake decreases the calcium absorption
  • Alcohol >14 units(women) >21 units(men) per week accelerates loss of bone density.
  • simple exercises 30 minutes a day for atleast 5 days a week will improve bone strength.
Do’s and Dont’s to prevent falls in elderly
It is of utmost importance to avoid falls in elderly to prevent fractures of hip bone which is the most dangerous fracture beyond 65 years of age in view of the associated mortality and morbidity.
  • Ensure proper vision
  • Good lighting in the room
  • Night lamps
  • Use crane/crutches/walker/hand railings/modified foot wear according to individuals needs for effective mobilisation
  • Use railings for cot to prevent accidental fall from bed

  • Avoid walking on slippery and polished surfaces
  • Avoid walking fast
  • Avoid high heels
  • Never let mobility restricted people unsupervised or unattended for long periods

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